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Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a collection of techniques and materials that are used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a building. Waterproofing of a basement needs to be done by experts who know how the steps involved in the process are carried out. Some sealants materials, installation of drainage and sump pumps have to be done to make sure that this exercise of waterproofing is successful. Waterproofing is important, especially where there is a likelihood of the water table being high. It helps the basement avoid being interfered with by water.

How Water Gets into the Basement of a Building

Prevalent soil has made some homes in Virginia prone to basement water intrusions. These soils are very leaky. Therefore, a lot of water can get into the basement if the waterproofing services of the basement are not done properly. What happens is that when there is a heavy downpour, there is build up of hydrostatic pressure all over the land. This pressure which is mainly caused by water brings about a forcing mechanism that pushes water into any available spaces. As water tries to look for any available space to penetrate through, it finds out the cracked walls, porous cement, and stairway areas among other places, where it pushes through.

When a foundation is being built, there is always excavation of clay soil to give room for the building of a foundation. When this excavation is carried out, the clay that has been removed and put near the house can bring a water problem during rainfall. The problem comes in when this clay seeps in water due to it being less compact. The water then travels through this clay until it reaches the foundation of the house. If this foundation was not made strongly or with waterproof materials, then water will get into the basement of the home.

At all cost, basement flooding should be avoided. This is because when the basement floods, there are so many losses incurred. There are some valuable items which are often kept in the basement such as televisions, gaming consoles, gym equipment, and even computers. Besides, once water has filled the basement repairing of this basement is very difficult. It has to take time for it to be repaired because of the costs. Some electrical connections are often made in the basement. If at any given time these cables come in contact with water, it becomes hazardous and may result in shock in the house.

Information About Crawl Spaces

Many people do not know what crawl spaces are. The crawl spaces are just like a basement. They are found at the base of the house. The only difference these crawl spaces have from the basement is that they are very short in height. There is no way one can stand upright when in the crawl space. Therefore they are given the name crawl space. One can only crawl if he or she wants to go through them. Mostly, crawl spaces in the house are used for storage purposes. They are also at times a pathway of water pipes and electric cables. These places give access to some plumbing and electrical connections in the house.

Due to the above functions, these areas should also remain waterproof. It is important to ensure that the prevention of seeping water is done before destruction is done. Water is mostly prevented from getting into these places by having a good waterproof material applied to these areas. Just like the basement, water gets into these places by applying hydrostatic pressure to the structures around these places and eventually penetrating through them.

Value Dry Services

We value our client’s safety from water calamities, especially during rainy and wet conditions. We are therefore pleased to tell our customers that we offer Basement waterproofing services, crawl space encapsulation services, and sump pump installation services.

  1. Waterproofing of the basement: This service was introduced in our company when some customers reported cases of water seeping through and getting into their basement. We saw it better than the basement should ever be clean and water free. Our services are affordable, and we have a highly trained team who know how to install materials that will keep the basement waterproof.
  2. Crawl space encapsulation: We as Value Dry turned out to be on top by ensuring that we do encapsulation services to the crawl space. We apply waterproofing materials to the basement to ensure that these places remain waterproof even if there is a torrential downpour. Above all, we install air conditioning services so as the crawl spaces remain conditioned.
  3. Sump pump installation: A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a basin. Our team usually installs this sump pumps at the basement so as they may ensure that water has been removed out whenever it accumulates in the basement.
  4. It is important to look for a good company that knows how to deal with basement and house waterproofing. We are delighted to serve you anytime you need these services.