Need to Know:

  • The condition of your crawl space affects the environment of your living space upstairs.
  • The benefits to crawl space encapsulation include reduced moisture and mustiness; increased energy efficiency; and better air quality and comfort in the home.
  • If necessary, accesses can be installed to ensure the crawl space is inspected and treated correctly.

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More information below:

Crawl spaces are similar to basements but are often too short to stand up in, hence the name crawl space. Crawl space floors are usually dirt but can also be gravel or concrete. Although crawl spaces are not livable spaces, they are often utilized for storage space and used to gain access to plumbing, HVAC, and other utilities underneath the main part of the home. It is very important to keep the air quality in the crawl space as safe as the rest of your home because the air in the crawl space will rise with warmer air and enter your home. The air in the crawl space will also enter your home via ductwork and HVAC systems that reside in the crawl space.

Is it good to encapsulate a crawl space?

Just like basements, crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture issues. The most common source of crawl space moisture is condensation caused by open crawl space vents, leaky foundation walls, and hydrostatic pressure from the dirt floor. Moisture and water in crawl spaces can cause unhealthy mold and mildew growth in the crawl space. A common sign of crawl space problems is musty smells in the upper floors of the home. Crawl space moisture is also inviting to insects that are attracted to humidity and other pests that feed on these insects. As we all know, breathing in mold is unhealthy. If there is crawl space mold, you are most likely breathing it upstairs in your home. The baseline cost for a crawl space in capsulation with Value Dry waterproofing is $3,500.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Conditioning

“Crawl Space Encapsulation” refers to a process by which waterproofing materials, insulation techniques, and vapor barriers are used to encapsulate the crawl space. Proper ventilation and conditioning methods are put in place to create a healthy conditioned crawl space environment once encapsulation is complete.

When performing crawl space encapsulation, it is extremely important to remove any water-damaged material from the crawl space floor. Crawl spaces are often used as trash receptacles by contractors and previous homeowners. Any organic material on the floor of a crawl space will foster unhealthy mold growth. Value Dry can remove and dispose of crawl space insulation, wood, and other debris that may be in your crawl space.

Next, we must address any ongoing standing water or water seepage issues. This is accomplished by installing any needed drainage, sump pumps, and battery back-up sump pumps, eliminating standing water and managing water seepage during prolonged precipitation.

Once drainage issues are addressed, crawl space vapor barriers are installed on the crawl space floor and walls, lowering the condensation capabilities of the earthen floor. The goal is to lock the moisture under the vapor barrier and out of the crawl space.

Creating a closed crawl space by sealing any open vents and insulating the walls and band board of the crawl space is the next step. Several different techniques are utilized and recommended based on your particular crawl space, budget, and desired outcome.

Last, we must address the ventilation, humidity, and ongoing air quality in the crawl space barrier in order to condition the space. This is accomplished by installing ventilation devices such as the EZ Breathe as well as dehumidification devices like the Santa Fe Dehumidifier. Also, additional ductwork or HVAC techniques can be deployed to condition the space.

Is crawl space encapsulation worth the cost?

It is important to understand that crawl space encapsulation and conditioning is a process. If you leave any of the important factors out you are potentially creating an environment for future issues. Only crawl space professionals should be improving your crawl space. Money is often wasted by hastily replacing damaged insulation and plastic, which fails immediately during the next major rain or heatwave. For the very best in crawl space waterproofing, contact our team.

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