Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection

  • March 3, 2023
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Value Dry Protect is essential to make sure your waterproofing system continues to keep your basement dry and healthy. Without an annual inspection by our technicians, you are more susceptible to system failures that could be avoided with maintenance. For just $349 a year, we’ll do our 10-point check to help avoid pump failures to keep your basement dry. Buy online now!

Value Dry Protect Preventative Maintenance Inspection Includes:

  • Remove sump lid(s), clean well and remove debris
  • Flush perimeter system via JetKleen and/or cleanouts
  • Water test all primary and battery backup sump pumps
  • Test backup pump battery(s) and replace flood alarm battery(s)
  • Check discharge pipe(s) for leaks and ensure proper exterior functionality
  • Inspect and repair accessible polymeric flow channel and vapor barrier(s)
  • Clean and discard debris from all window wells) and stairwell(s)
  • Water test all window well drain(s) and stairwell drain(s)
  • Inspect entire foundation area(s) for moisture signs / additional needs
  • Apply fungicide on accessible concrete surfaces near perimeter system
As a VDP Preventative Maintenance Customer, you also receive the following additional benefits:
  • Priority service call scheduling
    during heavy rain events
  • ½ price hourly labor rate
  • 20% off all additional Value Dry
    products and services
  • No job minimums
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