You all know that the foundation of your home is important; it serves as the structural basis for the rest of your house. What you may not think about is that concrete foundations can be subject to stress from hydrostatic water pressure because of how groundwater interacts with the soil surrounding your home and, in turn, the foundation.


Oftentimes, the force from this hydrostatic pressure can be strong enough to cause structural damage to the foundation. The expansion and contraction of the ground outside during winter’s freezing and thawing can also contribute considerable stress to the foundation. While some cracks in the foundation can be structurally benign due to normal settling of the home after construction, more serious cracks pose a threat to your foundation. It is important to get your foundation inspected and repaired properly to avoid the potential for further damage and catastrophic failure of the foundation.

Our team of foundation repair and waterproofing specialists can assess and solve your foundation problems whether your foundation is made of cinder block, poured concrete, brick, or stone. We can stabilize issues ranging from mortar cracks and sheering blocks to bowing walls and settling structures. Value Dry installs wall pins, carbon fiber reinforcement strips, I-beams, underpinning solutions, and other solutions designed specifically for your situation.

Foundation Waterproofing

Hydrostatic water pressure causes water seepage through foundation seams, cracked cement walls and floors, window wells, stairwell areaways, and even through porous concrete. Where does this pressure come from? The backfilled soil around your home absorbs a considerable amount of water, and during lighter rains, this groundwater will follow natural waterways underground back to creeks, rivers, and other bodies of water without disturbing your homes or appearing inside your basement or crawl space.

However, during prolonged periods of rain, the soil around our homes becomes saturated. With nowhere to go, this groundwater follows the path of least resistance, and unfortunately, that path of least resistance can often include the backfilled soil right next to your foundation. The reason for this is that the soil immediately surrounding the foundation has been disturbed more recently than the hard-packed clay further away from the home.

So, during heavy rains, water builds up in this less compacted backfill area and exerts hydrostatic water pressure on the foundation until the surrounding soil can dry up and let water dissipate away from the house. Because your foundation is not watertight, this hydrostatic pressure eventually causes water to find its way through the foundation or cause structural issues if this pressure is not relieved.

This is why most basement and crawl space water issues are related directly to the foundation of the home. As a company that focuses on basement and crawl space improvement, it makes sense that we specialize in foundation repair along with waterproofing solutions.

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