Indoor Air Quality is often overlooked as potential health hazard in the home. The quality of air in the entire household is greatly affected by wet and humid basements or crawl spaces. Without proper ventilation, humid, musty, moldy air that is trapped in the basement or crawl space becomes stagnant and can lead to unwanted smells as well as unhealthy breathing conditions in other areas of your home.

Why do basements and crawl spaces tend to be musty?

One reason is that heavier, damp air settles in the lower levels of the home, basement, and crawl spaces! Everyday activities, such as doing dishes, cleaning, and showering, can create humidity inside of our homes. Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne particles present in households cling to the moist air as it settles.

Another more direct cause for mustiness is the presence of basement seepage and crawl space flooding. Even if there is no evidence of standing water issues in the basement or crawl space, it is possible that hydrostatic pressure is enabling moisture to come through the foundation, leading to humidity and, as a result, poor indoor air quality. (For more information on foundation seepage, visit our Basement waterproofing page.)

How can mustiness in the basement or crawl space be alleviated?

A common method to combat mustiness is using a dehumidifier. Although a dehumidifier will reduce the moisture in your basement or crawl space, most dehumidifiers are not very energy-efficient and can add significantly to your electric bill. Dehumidifiers are also not specifically designed to remove mold, allergens, and other particles from the air and need to be maintained and emptied regularly.

EZ Breathe Ventilation Unit in Basement

EZ Breathe Ventilation Unit in Basement

Value Dry utilizes a more energy-efficient and effective way to deal with basement and crawl space humidity. Value Dry exchanges the cool, damp, particle-ridden air that settles in your basement or crawl space by installing a clean air ventilation system. The advantages of a clean air ventilation system over a dehumidifier are that it manages humidity and expels allergens from your home. In addition, the clean air ventilation device is more energy-efficient than a dehumidifier.

The way it works is that a clean air ventilation unit, such as an EZ Breathe, is set up in the basement or crawl space to take the cool, damp inside air at floor level and evacuate it directly to the outside. By expelling this particle-ridden, humid air to the outside, an air exchange environment is created in the lower part of the home, and cleaner, drier air will circulate down into the basement or crawl space from upstairs replacing the air displaced to the outside. This continuous exchange of air in the bottom of your home for cleaner air from the upper parts of your home helps ensure that dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens are not trapped in your basement or crawl space for you to breathe! By installing the EZ Breathe Ventilation System in your home, you are improving the air quality in the entire house!


If you have excessive humidity, odors, or other air quality issues in your basement or crawl space, Value Dry can come out to assess the situation and help alleviate those problems. Give us a call at (888) 768-2583 or use the online form to the right and our office will get in contact with you.