Sump Pump Products Sump pump installation is a major part of turning a wet basement into a dry basement.

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Sump Pump Product

If you’re interested in getting a new sump pump installation, would like an inspection of an existing sump pump, or have interest in adding a battery backup sump pump to your existing system, give us a call at (888) 768-2583

Protect and monitor

All three Pump Swappers™ Options Feature Powerful & Efficient Pump Systems

5 Year Replacement Warranty on primary pump and battery
backup system*
Lifetime Transferable Replacement Warranty when purchased with Value Dry Waterproofing System*

Primary Pump

OPTION 1 – Primary Sump Pump Only

  • Powerful pump that works to keep water out of your basement
  • 1/2 Horsepower Cast Iron Pump
  • 3,402 Gallons Per Hour at 10’
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Switch and Bracket
  • Relies on being connected to your home’s power source
Sump Pump 2

OPTION 2 – Primary Sump Pump with Audible Battery Backup Pump

  • If your power goes out or if your primary pump fails, the battery backup pump and battery system will engage to protect you. An audible alarm will sound indicating you are on battery power ideally giving you time to replace your primary pump or for power to be restored to your home.
  • Highest Output Backup Pump Available
  • Automatic Weekly Self Test
  • SLA
Pump 3

OPTION 3 – Primary Sump Pump with Battery Backup Pump and Patented Wifi monitoring / alerting Technology

  • A step above the Audible Battery backup, this system monitors the health of your sump pump system 24/7 and sends alerts to your smartphone if a problem like a power outage or a pump failure is detected. This enables you to take action from wherever you are before your basement floods.
  • Check on your system and see critical information like pump cycles, gallons pumped, battery health and more in the Pump Swappers™ app on your smartphone!

When was the last time someone checked your pump?
Old sump pumps can unexpectedly fail and destroy your home.

Do you have a battery backup to protect you when the power goes out?

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Our Promise to You

We will never stop fighting the damaging effects of foundation seepage and poor air quality in homes. We are committed to restoring and maintaining the value and safety of every home we serve.


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