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Do nail pops mean foundation problems?

You’ve noticed one or a series of small bumps on your drywall, and it’s an eyesore. Worse still, you’re wondering, do nail pops mean you have foundation problems? Nail pops in walls can be an indication of underlying foundation issues. Though a few nail pops can have other causes, it’s wise to seek a professional […]

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How to know if floor joists are bad?

If you’ve ever walked across creaky or uneven flooring, you know how annoying it can be. For homeowners, the feeling is worsened by worrying about a significant problem under the flooring. Your gut tells you something is wrong, but how do you know if floor joists are bad? Some telltale signs include rotting wood, skewed […]

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Foundation Repair Near Me

Top Signs You May Need Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation was built to last. But as your home ages, it may settle, causing cracks to appear. Foundation problems can also arise due to water infiltration into those cracks, which can turn a small problem into a big problem. The structural integrity of your home depends on a strong foundation. Today, we’ve pulled […]

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