Do I need to clean my crawl space?

Cleaning your crawlspace can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. Value Dry will clean up the crawl space before doing any work, both for the efficiency of the job and the safety of our team.

This means removing any standing water, trash, plastic, and other debris from the floor. That includes any leftover construction debris a contractor may have left there, and anything that has fallen from the ceiling (your floors), or anything critters may have left behind. We often find insulation that has been ruined by moisture.

Crawl Space Cleaning

When our team is cleaning to prepare for a crawl space encapsulation project, we look for visible mold growth on your floor joists (the ceiling of your crawlspace) or HVAC equipment in the space and treat it with an antimicrobial agent.

If it’s dangerous and out of our expertise, we sometimes call in one of our trusted referral partners that specializes in mold remediation to address it before proceeding. If there is any wood rot visible, it is structural damage and should be addressed as well.

Is it worth it to clean a crawl space?

Absolutely! Basic cleaning can help the quality of air circulating through your home. Much of the air throughout your home comes from below and enters through your HVAC system, and if it’s dirty, the air quality inside your home can be a health hazard.

Dirty crawl spaces are dangerous. You want to consider removing dust, insect and rodent droppings, mold, damaged drain lines, and other factors that affect air quality.

Top 10 Reasons to Clean Your Crawl Space

  1. To remove any standing water or excess moisture
  2. Eliminate allergens like mold spores that can grow and move upstairs
  3. Keep out things that entice pests (rodents, snakes, etc.) to make it their home
  4. Remove crawl space insulation that may have become moist, creating a dangerous environment for mold growth
  5. Look for asbestos or signs of black mold
  6. Increase airflow and efficiency to reduce bills and avoid HVAC and other repair costs in your upstairs living spaces
  7. Find any damage to your wiring, pipes, or your sump pump
  8. Look for any foundation or structural issues in the crawl space walls
  9. Look for any leaks/holes that may be letting stuff or water in
  10. Improve your home’s overall condition and value

How often should a crawl space be cleaned?

To maintain a clean crawl space, it is recommended that you clean it at least twice a year, in spring and fall. This gives you a regular cadence to cleaning when it’s not too cold or too hot. During the year, it is important to look and listen for signs of trouble that may include musty odors, moisture issues, water damage, weird sounds, or visible critters coming and going. Even increasing energy bills can be a sign of crawlspace trouble.

Should there ever be water in a crawl space?

Water is normal if it drains away and doesn’t become standing water. It’s important to know where the water is coming from because if you can find the source, you can determine if it’s normal or dangerous. The source of the water can tell you a lot. If you constantly have water coming in from rainy days, then something is awry and needs to be addressed. You may likely need basement waterproofing.

What happens if a crawl space is too dry?

Reasonable humidity is important. If it’s too dry, it can cause dry rot in the wood joists, floors, and insulation. Bacteria and viruses can grow in low humidity, and those germs can spread throughout the whole house.

Nosebleeds, dry and itchy skin, and static electricity can signal that your home’s humidity is too low. A crawlspace should be between 45-55% humidity. When it comes to humidity levels, it’s all about balance.

We recommend conditioning tools like a ventilation system to ensure proper airflow and humidity control. This is part of our overall crawl space encapsulation and conditioning system to ensure that a clean crawlspace stays that way.

Crawl Space Repair and Cleaning Specialists

Are you looking to clean and repair your crawlspace? At Value Dry Waterproofing, our experienced team of professionals is ready to assist you with a free crawl space inspection. Contact us today for a free expert evaluation and estimate!

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