How Long Do Sump Pumps Last?

A lot of our customers ask us “how long do sump pumps last?” and we tell them what we’re about to tell you. It depends. How long a sump pump lasts depends on a number of factors including?

  • Whether it is sized right for the job
  • How often the pump needs to come on
  • How long the pump runs
  • How high the water table is
  • If there is a second sump pump in the system
  • If it is a quality sump pump
  • And more

Just like a car engine or any machine, the harder your sump pump works, the shorter it’s lifespan. That being said, typically, sump pumps last 7 to 10 years.
The Mid-Atlantic region gets some pretty serious storm systems, including tropical storms. Several days of heavy rainfall may make it seem like your sump pump runs constantly. In reality, the sump pump is cycling on and off, but the more water it has to deal with, the longer it will run between cycling off.

And if your home is on a lot that gets more groundwater than the neighbor, your pump will run more often. It may take several days after a big storm for your sump pump system to catch up. A sump pump that runs longer and harder won’t last as long as one that rarely cycles on.

Signs You Need to Schedule Sump Pump Replacement

Now, if you don’t know how old your sump pump is, or you’ve had it for a number of years, there are several signs that it’s time for sump pump replacement. They include:

  • The pump motor sounds different, as in making clunking, clanking, or grinding noises. Or, it just noticeably louder.
  • You hear water collecting or can see it in the pump well, but the pump isn’t running.
  • The sump pump alarm (if you have one) indicates the pump is malfunctioning.
  • The sump pump runs even in dry weather.
  • The pump is approaching 10 years old.

Now, if you have a relatively new sump pump and notice any of these things, you may be able to get by with sump pump repair. But for older pumps, replacement is the recommended course of action. Today’s sump pumps are much more efficient, and many come with alarm systems to alert you when there is a problem.

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