Is Your Basement and Crawl Space Winter-Ready?

The winter can be one of the most wonderful times of the year! With the holiday season and weather turning colder, there’s nothing better than being cozy inside with friends and family.

Of course, there are a lot of things to do to make the holiday season just right! Along with shopping and other preparations, many of us are getting our homes ready for family visits and hosting parties.

Planning on having family members or friends stay in your basement?

The last thing that you need is for a basement leak or flood to make the basement space unusable! That would mean dealing with the mess of a wet basement and–even worse–scrambling to find last-minute living arrangements for your guests.

As you are tidying up and decorating your home, be sure to check the basement, crawl space, and other rooms for symptoms of moisture problems, including musty smells. This can help avoid a much bigger headache down the line. The time to get your home winter-ready is now, before heavy snows, snow melts, frigid temperatures and especially before holiday guests arrive!

During the winter, Value Dry typically focuses on fixing:

  • Wet or flooded basements due to heavy rain and snow melt;
  • Musty or unpleasant smells from the basement or crawl space;
  • Cold floor and crawl space insulation issues.


If you’ve had any Basement waterproofing issues in the past, make sure to get them repaired before future rain or snow melt causes a bigger issue! Every year we receive calls from homeowners who desperately need Basement waterproofing so that their basement living space is usable for guests, but oftentimes they’ve called too late for us to perform the repairs in time to save their holiday plans. Don’t be caught off guard by basement leaks!

Sump pumps should be regularly tested to ensure they are working properly. During winter, heavy snow and the resulting snow melt can cause a lot of water to flow into your sump pump. Also, if your home is susceptible to power outages during inclement weather, a battery back-up sump pump is highly recommended.

Even if you don’t have an issue with standing water, small leaks or moisture issues can encourage musty and unpleasant smells in your basement or crawl space. If these odor problems go unchecked, the smell could affect the comfort and indoor air quality of the whole home!  If you feel you have musty smells in your home from your basement or crawl space, we can install waterproofing or ventilation solutions to help.

During cold months, crawl space insulation and conditioning issues become more apparent by causing cold floor issues in the living spaces above. Although this typically not an emergency issue, cold floors definitely affect the comfort level of the inhabitants and guests. Cold floors during winter months also indicate a lack of energy efficiency and that you may be overpaying on your heating bill! If you feel cold floors or feel drafts from your crawl space, our crawl space encapsulation services are what you need.

Now is the time to address any moisture or home comfort issues related to your basement or crawl space.  Don’t let a wet basement or smelly crawl space ruin your holiday plans and spoil the cheer!

If any of the issues above sound familiar to you, contact us to set up a free inspection. Our inspectors will provide Basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation recommendations for your home.


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