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Top Signs You May Need Foundation Repair

Your homes foundation was built to last. But as your home ages, it may settle, causing cracks to appear. Foundation problems can also arise due to water infiltration into those cracks, which can turn a small problem into a big problem.

The structural integrity of your home depends on a strong foundation. Today, weve pulled together the top signs that you may need foundation repair. Take a good look (and smell) around your home. If you see or smell one or more of these signs, its time to call in the professionals.

1. Foundation Cracks

If you have foundation cracks, whether on the outside of your home or inside your basement, you have cause for concern. This is especially true with stair-step cracks in cinder or cement block foundation walls. Cracks that are wider on one end and narrower on the other may also indicate a problem. Small drywall cracks near a door frame or window may be signs of your house settling. 


Types of Foundation Cracks and What They Mean

2. Bowing Basement Wall(s)

A bowing wall in your basement is a sign of a major problem and you should arrange for foundation repair as quickly as possible. The wall is in danger of collapse. One heavy rain or a deep freeze then thaw cycle can cause the belly to grow to the point of failure which is not only dangerous but an expensive fix.  When caught early bowing walls can be stabilized at a reasonable cost with little headache.

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Why a Bowing Basement Wall Requires an Urgent Fix

3. Cracks in Your Basement Floor

If you have an unfinished basement, it will be easy to see if you have a crack in the floor. Small hairline cracks are nothing to worry about. Generally, a basement floor crack wider than 1/8” should be addressed, and the underlying issue resolved. If you see a crack with a heaving or sinking floor, that is definitely a cause for concern. Call in a professional for help.

4. Sticking Doors and Windows

High humidity can cause wood doors and windows to stick. But if humidity is not the issue, a sinking foundation could be the source of the problem. Look for other signs of a foundation issue. If its wintertime and the doors in your basement are sticking, you may have high humidity due to water intrusion. Look for more signs of a problem.

5. A Damp and Musty Basement or Crawlspace

A damp and musty basement is an indication that you have water intrusion. This can happen after heavy rain or snowmelt, or because of the hydrostatic pressure of the waterlogged soil outside your basement walls. This pressure can cause the foundation walls to crack, letting water into the walls, and eventually your basement. Water in your crawlspace can cause the same problem.  If you or someone in your home won’t go into the basement due to the smell or fear of allergen trigger call us for an inspection.


What Is That Must Smell in My House?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Your foundation repair costs will depend on the severity of the damage to your foundation. You can get a more specific idea of the costs by scheduling estimates with local foundation repair companies. Foundation repair is not a DIY job.

By arranging for foundation repair at the first sign of a problem, you can keep your financial outlay to a minimum. The longer you wait to address the problem, the higher your repair costs will be. Thats because foundation cracks will continue to widen, walls may start to buckle, and water intrusion will get worse,

Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Often Go Hand in Hand

If the cracks in your foundation are due to water intrusion, you may need to consider professional basement waterproofing once the foundation repairs have been made. This is why its a good idea to get estimates on foundation repair from companies that also do basement waterproofing. By doing this, if you need both services, you only need to hire one contractor. Just be sure to hire a well-established company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.


Basement Waterproofing Glossary

Basement Waterproofing FAQs

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