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What to Ask Basement Waterproofing Companies Before Hiring One

If you have a wet basement or had a flooded basement after the last heavy rain, youre smart to be doing some homework on basement waterproofing. Its helpful to learn a bit about it so that you can ask the right questions. We encourage you to read through this blog and others on our website so you can make an informed choice on who to hire.

Lets get started.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

This is a big one. Run, dont walk away from a basement waterproofing contractor who cant give you their license number and proof of insurance. Most states require contractors to be licensed. And if they do give you the license number, look them up on your states licensing website to make sure they are in good standing.

For insurance, you want to make sure they have both general liability insurance and workerscompensation insurance. This protects your property and you from liability if someone is injured on the job.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is another good indicator of how reputable a company is. The longer theyve been in business, the better. Thats because companies who do shoddy work dont usually stay in business long. But dont just take their word for it. Google the business by name. You should find a BBB listing or business site that will also say when the company started operations.  Remember, years of experience are not the same as years in business!  Also – beware of companies that falsely say they have been servicing the area since a certain date in their name.  If so why did they change their name?

If a basement waterproofing company has only been in business a couple of years, they dont have much of a track record yet. This is not a deal breaker, but you will have to research the company owner further to see if they have years of experience in the business and have just started their own company.

3. How Large Is Your Company?

If its one man and a truck, you should probably steer clear. You want a company with teams of employees who can handle scheduling, installation, service, and maintenance work. Check out their website for an About Us page. It may have team members listed there, so you can get a feel for the business.

4. Whats Included in Your Basement Waterproofing, and Why?

If a company had suitable answers to the first 3 questions, you may let them in your home to do a basement inspection and make recommendations. A reputable basement waterproofing company should be able to make recommendations specific to your basement. We wont know exactly what you need until we inspect your basement, but some of the things that may be included in a waterproofing contract include:

  • Making necessary foundation repairs
  • Installing a French drain on the interior of your basement along the perimeter walls
  • Installing one or more sump pumps and battery backup sump pumps
  • Drilling weep holes and convection ports
  • Installing a vapor barrier on the walls
  • Installing a floor, window well, or stairwell drain
  • Repairing or installing egress windows and window wells
  • And more, depending on your basement

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5. What Will the Work Be Like?

Basement waterproofing can be a messy job. To put in a French drain around the perimeter, crews will need to remove the basement floor using a jackhammer.  This creates a lot of dust and a lot of noise. Anyone who tells you differently is sugarcoating it. Ask how they will reduce the amount of concrete dust that impacts the rest of your home.  

Make sure youre satisfied with their answers. Ask to see the materials used in the French drain, if you would like.

6. What Warranty Do You Offer?

You want to make sure the answer is that they offer a lifetime, transferrable warranty. This is the industry standard for a full-perimeter solution. The warranty should cover their workmanship. Pay particular attention to the sump pump(s) warranty.  Most companies offer a manufacturer’s warranty or a much shorter nontransferable warranty, as pumps can wear out.

7. What Will Your Basement Waterproofing Solution Cost?

Each company you get an estimate from should be able to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. It should include foundation and crack repair (if needed), materials, labor, and any other charges. Make sure you compare quotes line by line.

The cheapest basement waterproofing company may not be the best but the most expensive one might not be either. Weigh their answers to all of the questions before deciding who to hire. You want to protect your home and your family, so take some time to make the decision. Dont fall for pushy sales tactics.  If you save 20% but the company is out of business in 2 years your warranty and system are going to need to be replaced if it fails!

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In addition to asking the basement waterproofing companies these questions, check out their reviews. Do they have mostly 4 and 5-star reviews? Do they respond to both positive and negative reviews? This will tell you a bit about their communication and customer service.

Value Dry Waterproofing Checks All the Boxes, and Then Some

If you live in our service area, we hope youll consider getting a quote from Value Dry. Heres why:

  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We’ve been in business for over 20 years.
  • We have a large team to ensure you get the best service from the first phone call to the finished basement waterproofing project. Visit our About Us page to meet the team.
  • We offer customized solutions for each homeowner. No two waterproofing projects are exactly alike. We’ll give you a clear explanation of what we’re recommending and why. We’ll answer any questions you may have.
  • We take great care to protect the rest of your home from dust and grime related to the work we’re doing.  This is a dusty business so there will be some dust but we do put things in place to minimize the dust.
  • We offer a lifetime transferrable warranty on our systems.  We are proud to warranty our sump pumps and battery backup sump pumps as well.  Not just a manufacturer warranty our warranty.
  • In addition to our warranty, we have a service department that performs annual maintenance if elected and can replace aging sump pumps before they fail, install battery backup sump pumps, and more.
  • The cost of our basement waterproofing solutions will vary depending on the severity of the water intrusion issue in your basement and the protection desired. We do offer financing to help our clients protect their homes now, even though it was not in the budget. 

Schedule a FREE Basement Waterproofing Inspection

To schedule your FREE basement inspection, call (888) 768-2583. One of our inspectors will perform a thorough evaluation of your basement and make recommendations based on your specific situation. We serve homeowners in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of West Virginia and Delaware. 

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