4 Reasons Growing Families Need to Waterproof Their Basement

If you have a growing family in the Baltimore, MD or Washington, D.C. metro area, you know that space in your home can be at a premium. If you plan on converting your basement into additional living space, it’s essential that you have a well thought-out plan for waterproofing your basement. That way, the investment in your basement is protected from future heavy rain or snow events when leaky basements are common. Incorporating Basement waterproofing into your basement renovation design is important for both functional and safety reasons.

1. Health Reasons

Your basement makes for a great area to reconfigure into an additional bedroom, playroom or living space, but it’s also an area of your home with a lot of potential to become a health hazard if not waterproofed. Any dampness or leaks left unattended in your basement can lead to mold and mildew. Anyone with allergies or asthma who spends a lot of time in the basement is likely to experience respiratory issues from being exposed to spores. Basement renovation waterproofing can help improve the indoor air quality in your basement and reduce the chances of paying for unnecessary medical bills.

2. Preventing the Likelihood of Flooding

A flood in a finished basement can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In addition, having a displaced family can compound your frustration significantly. Take preventative steps to protect your home, family members, and their belongings by ensuring your basement is properly waterproofed and protected against basement flooding.

3. Structural Integrity

Another reason basements should be waterproofed when being remodeled is that it helps ensure proper structural integrity of the foundation. The basement acts as part of the home’s foundation, and should its structure become compromised, everything sitting on top of it becomes compromised as well. Basement waterproofing helps avoid foundation repairs by relieving the pressure that is put on the foundation during heavy rain and snow periods.

4. Overall Repair Costs

Being a homeowner or landlord can be expensive enough without having to factor avoidable and expensive repairs into the equation. No matter how little water or moisture is allowed to creep into your basement, it can lead to serious repairs. One thing to keep in mind with basement leaks or seepage is that it can spread to wooden construction, paint, drywall and carpet. Spring melts and heavy rainfalls can be especially vulnerable times for your finished items without the proper Basement waterproofing in place.


Before you renovate or remodel your basement, be sure to get it check by a reputable Basement waterproofing company. Basement waterproofing might be an extra cost you were not initially considering as part of the project, but when other homes in the area are experiencing flooding or leak issues, you’ll be glad that you made the investment to protect your home.

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