Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Out of Business

Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Out of Business: How Value Dry Waterproofing Can Help

When it comes to protecting your home and basement from water damage, waterproofing solutions play a vital role. Unfortunately, some companies in the industry may face difficulties, leading to their closure. One company in the DC Metro Area that has recently gone out of business is Mid Atlantic Waterproofing. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Mid Atlantic’s closure, discuss the impact on its customers, and introduce Value Dry Waterproofing as a reliable alternative to maintain and address any issues with Mid Atlantic Waterproofing installations.

Is Mid Atlantic Waterproofing still in business?

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing was a well-known name in the industry, providing waterproofing services to residential and commercial properties for many years in the DC Metro Area. They offered various solutions to combat water intrusion and prevent damage to foundations, basements, and crawl spaces. However, they recently closed their businesses, leaving their customers in search of alternative options and unserviceable warranties.

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Impact on Customers

The closure of Mid Atlantic Waterproofing has left many customers in a challenging situation. Those who had ongoing projects or warranties with the company may find themselves uncertain about the completion of their projects or the validity of their warranties. This sudden turn of events emphasizes the importance of choosing a reliable and established waterproofing company with ample in house installation and service staff to avoid potential disruptions and uncertainties. 

Importance of Waterproofing Solutions

Water in your basement can cause significant damage to homes, compromising their structural integrity and creating an environment conducive to mold growth. Waterproofing solutions are crucial for helping to protect properties from these issues. By implementing effective waterproofing measures and performing annual preventative maintenance inspections on those solutions, property owners can safeguard their investments and ensure a healthy living for their family.

Value Dry Waterproofing – Mid Atlantic Alternative

Amid the closure of Mid Atlantic Waterproofing, Value Dry Waterproofing is a dependable alternative for those seeking top-notch waterproofing services in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. With a strong track record and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Value Dry Waterproofing offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet individual needs.  Value Dry will maintain your Mid Atlantic Waterproofing system.

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Reliable and Experienced Team

Value Dry Waterproofing has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our expertise in waterproofing allows us to tackle even the most complex waterproofing project with precision and efficiency. 

Comprehensive Waterproofing Solutions

Value Dry Waterproofing provides a wide range of waterproofing solutions designed to address various concerns. From foundation waterproofing and basement drainage systems to crawl space encapsulation and sump pump installation, we offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of waterproofing.

Value Dry Customer Experience

The satisfaction of previous customers speaks volumes about the quality of our company’s services and dedication to serving customers.

We hired Value Dry to waterproof our basement.  They came out quickly and gave us a quote.  The sales representative, Mike explained what we needed to keep the moisture out and shared what options his company could do to help with the situation. The waterproofing took 4 days, and they were respectful of property and cleaned up every day before they left.  Roger was our project manager and he kept us informed as each step was completed. He was always available if we had any questions.  I’m very happy with the service and glad that a warranty is passed on if we ever want to sell our house.” – Laura M.

“Value Dry Waterproofing did an excellent job installing our new sump pump. The entire process from start to finish was without a blemish. From the office staff to the installer, everyone was courteous and professional. We’re very pleased with the service and the product. Thank you, Value Dry!” – Angela B.

Value Dry Service Area

Value Dry Waterproofing serves Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia from our office in Odenton, MD and our satellite office in Arlington Va. we are able to serve customers efficiently across the DMV. 

Unsure about your Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Status?

The closure of Mid Atlantic Waterproofing and other waterproofing companies may have left many customers in a state of uncertainty. However, the availability of alternative options such as Value Dry Waterproofing ensures that reliable and effective waterproofing solutions are still accessible.  Value Dry offers one time and annual scheduled preventative maintenance inspections to all homeowners. 

We perform preventative maintenance inspections for homeowners left hung out to dry because the basement waterproofing company that they had work on their home (i.e. Mid Atlantic Waterproofing) went out of business, homeowners of newly built homes that understand the importance of maintaining the waterproofing systems installed by their builder, customers that chose to have a franchise company that has changed hands waterproof their home and the new franchise isn’t honoring the old franchise owners work and even homeowners that had a company waterproof their basement that doesn’t have the staff or capacity to offer proper annual maintenance due to only utilizing subcontractors for their system installations.

Our experienced team, comprehensive services, and proven track record are ready to serve you to keep your home dry. For a free inspection of your sump pump, crawl space, or basement or to schedule a preventative maintenance schedule an appointment online or call us at (888) 739-0612

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