Insulate Dirt Floor

Does crawl space encapsulation add value to your home?

When considering a crawl space encapsulation project, many homeowners consider if encapsulation increases the value of their home. The short answer is absolutely! In this article, we will delve into the benefits of crawl space encapsulation and explain why it is a crucial investment for homeowners and is a good selling point when listing your […]

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Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Out of Business

Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Out of Business: How Value Dry Waterproofing Can Help When it comes to protecting your home and basement from water damage, waterproofing solutions play a vital role. Unfortunately, some companies in the industry may face difficulties, leading to their closure. One company in the DC Metro Area that has recently gone out […]

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Nail Pop

Do nail pops mean foundation problems?

You’ve noticed one or a series of small bumps on your drywall, and it’s an eyesore. Worse still, you’re wondering, do nail pops mean you have foundation problems? Nail pops in walls can be an indication of underlying foundation issues. Though a few nail pops can have other causes, it’s wise to seek a professional […]

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Foundation repair

Why is water seeping through my basement floor?

As experts in waterproofing solutions, Value Dry Waterproofing understands how concerning and frustrating it can be to discover water infiltration in your basement. But when water appears to be coming up through the floor, what could be the cause? Water on a basement floor could be caused by several common factors, like a broken pipe, […]

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Crawl space vents

Dealing with crawl space moisture can be daunting for homeowners, as it directly impacts the overall health and safety of your upstairs living environment. A critical aspect of maintaining a dry and well-functioning crawl space is determining whether to keep the vents open or closed. The decision on whether to open or close these vents […]

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Sump Pump

Sump pump alarm

A sump pump alarm is often considered an ‘accessory’ to a waterproofing system, but it is an integral part of the sump pump installation. A sump pump is a crucial component in homes, especially for those living in areas prone to flooding or excessive rain. While the sump pump works tirelessly to keep water levels […]

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