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How Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Save You Money on Heating

You’ve probably heard the news that home heating oil and natural gas prices are projected to skyrocket this winter. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Winter Fuels Outlook, the homeowner who heats with natural gas will pay 30% more this winter than last. The average homeowner who heats with home heating oil will pay 43% more. Besides turning down your thermostat, wearing sweaters and fuzzy slippers, did you know that crawl space encapsulation can save you money on your heating bills and make your home a more comfortable space?

This is true whether you have an older home or a newer home.

Let’s take a look at why that is.

Are Your Floors Cold? You May Need Crawl Space Encapsulation

Do you and your family always have cold feet in the winter? Do you get a new pair of fuzzy slippers every year around the holidays?  This can be because cold air is getting into your crawl space through the open vents. It can also be because your crawl space is poorly insulated, or the insulation that you do have has fallen down.

If your crawl space isn’t sealed off or encapsulated, cold air can easily enter your home through open crawl space vents, as well as cracks or gaps in the crawl space walls.  This cold air then rises up into your walls and floors, making the whole first level of your house colder than it should be.

As a result, your heating system works harder than it should to keep your house comfortable. That means high utility bills, and it can also shorten the life of your furnace, heat pump, or boiler.  If you have ductwork in your crawl space you will experience necessary heat loss from that ductwork if you have an open crawl space.

But sealing all those gaps keeps the cold air out, which makes it easier for your heating system to regulate the temperature in your home. And this of course reduces your heating bills! An added bonus: crawl space encapsulation will also prevent warm air from seeping into your home in the summer, making your AC work harder, and increasing condensation and poor air quality in your home.

Is There Water in Your Crawl Space? Waterproof it and Encapsulate It.

Another big problem with an un-encapsulated crawl space is that it could be experiencing water seepage. This can make your crawl space an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth.  It can also increase condensation causing wood rot and wet insulation. Wood rot can cause your floors to sag, so if you’ve noticed that, moisture in your crawl space may be the culprit.

All of that moisture also makes your crawl space an attractive home for various pests, including insects and mice, who may also make their way into your home looking for food or a warmer spot to spend the winter.

Go ahead, take a look. Bundle up, and get a strong flashlight. Take off an outside vent, or shine the light through. If you see the light reflecting on a puddle, you’ve got problems. If you can see that insulation has fallen, or see or smell signs of mold growth you don’t want to wait any longer because the longer you wait the more the fix will cost.

Crawl Space Encapsulation helps Protect your Home and Family from these Problems.

In a common crawl space encapsulation scenario, we go through several steps, including:

  • Inspect the space for any damage and water intrusion
  • Remove fallen insulation, old liners or vapor barriers, and trash
  • Address water-damaged material, if any
  • Install a sump pump or other drainage equipment if needed
  • Seal any vents and install a drainage matting and vapor barrier on the floor 
  • Install new insulation on the walls, along the band board, and if desired in between the floor joist although not necessary if the walls are insulated
  • Seal the vapor barrier seams to the insulation
  • Install an EZBreathe ventilation system, a dehumidifier, or both

Each home is different, and you can rest assured if you hire us, you will get a custom solution that will protect your home, improve your home’s air quality, and reduce your utility bills. What’s not to love?


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If the floors above your crawl space are always cold in the winter, or you’ve taken a look in your crawl space and can see standing water or falling insulation, it’s time to take action. Crawl space encapsulation can help you save money on your heating bills, as well as improve air quality. We’ve been encapsulating crawl spaces for years, and can help you find a solution.

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